Ridgewood Landscaping maintenance department offers complete horticultural management programs. Annual programs are developed to meet our clients' individual needs for lawn care, fertilization, pest and weed control, water management and landscape enhancements. Our staff is trained in the identification, prevention and treatment of weeds, insects and plant diseases. All pest control programs are developed using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles with all work performed under the supervision of a licensed pest control applicator.

Ridgewood Landscapings' licensed irrigation service department with a priortiy of water conservation closely monitors the landscape site conditions as well as the irrigation system to establish the proper water requirements needed before setting watering schedules for each irrigation station and controller. Our staff is also highly qualified to install and monitor all types of central control systems such as Calsense which can conserve water and lower maintenance cost.


Cinco Ranch Katy
Cinco Ranch/Southwest Katy
Bridgeland Cypress
Eagle Springs Atascocita
Space Center League City
Telfair Sugar Land